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Virtual Lessons

Cooking, Bartending, Craft Lessons

Taught by Pros In Your Home

Pop-Up At Home: Brings people together, supports crafts people & allows people to learn. With the excitement of Moving to New York, it can be overwhelming and a little lonely. That's why Pop-Up At Home is here to bring a sense of community to your doorstep.

Bring your favorite drink, hors d’oeuvres, housemates, pet or child. Invite others to join online. Perhaps clean your house so we can have a tour, or leave it messy – we don’t care! Join us from your kitchen, your garden, your toilet or your bed. It would just be fun to share a drink and some laughs with others who are also Moving to New York. You may even learn something too!

Pop-Up Virtual Lessons allows you to join servers, bartenders, chefs & other crafty people. They will teach you to make something special. Sign up for a group lab live on a video meeting platform. You may watch, chat, make something along with the pro, all while adjusting to your new life in New York.

Virtual Cocktail Classes

Learn and taste the secrets of making cocktails.

Each lab has a different focus.

“It’s way better than drinking alone!”

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Virtual Cooking Classes

Cooking & Skills Lessons

Classic techniques, Classic dishes, knife skills and technique lessons. Each Lab has a different focus.

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Virtual Mock-tail Classes

Nonalcoholic drink lessons. Learn skills for making beautiful, tasty drinks and stay sober.

Custom Order Mixers to Make Cocktails at Home

Each Mixer is built specifically for you based on your preference. Add your favorite spirit.

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While the restaurants are empty and we are at home lets have some fun, be creative and work together.

Contact us below to join our team.

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